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Renowned for our prowess in Fireplace and Wood-stove design, Hestia thrives on the foundation of impeccable craftsmanship and unwavering integrity, always keeping a vigilant watch on the evolving landscape of our customers' lives.

Amidst this backdrop, our gaze expanded to the outdoors, a realm witnessing increased investment of time and resources for elevated outdoor living experiences. Surprisingly, there existed a void in the market – a dearth of premium-grade, ecologically conscious solutions for outdoor heating and entertainment.

Our acclaimed assortment of wood burning stoves in The Stove Collection stands as a testament to this pursuit. Not only do they exhibit exquisite aesthetics, but they also harness cutting-edge technology to yield remarkable efficiency with minimal emissions. The entire range carries the distinction of DEFRA exemption, suitable for use in all smoke-controlled zones within the UK.

Fueled by curiosity, we embarked on a journey to extend these exacting standards to the great outdoors. Armed with our tried-and-true technology, we endeavoured to forge the world's inaugural outdoor wood burning stove that seamlessly transforms into a barbecue – a true dual-function marvel.

The result, The Heat & Grill Collection, which sits alongside our flagship Stove Collection - possesses effectiveness and an immersive atmosphere, while adhering to the same stringent benchmarks. Above all, it empowers individuals to heat and savour their outdoor spaces without harbouring concerns of environmental harm.

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