The HEat Collection of outdoor wood-burner barbecues from Hestia Concepts

Hestia Concepts

Hestia has a reputation for excellence in Fireplace and Woodstove design, born of a commitment to fine craftsmanship and integrity, plus we always have an eye on the way our customers’ lives are changing.

It was in this context that we started to look outside, where we saw more time and money being spent on outdoor living but few, if any, high-quality and environmentally responsible solutions to outdoor heating and entertaining.

Our award-winning range of wood burning stoves not only look beautiful, but also employ the very latest technology to deliver outstanding levels of efficiency, with minimal emissions. The entire collection is DEFRA exempt and safe to use in any smoke-controlled zones in the UK.

We began to wonder whether we could transfer these high standards to an outdoor context. Using our tried and tested technology, we set our sights on creating the first outdoor wood burning stove which could also work as a barbecue. The first dual-function appliance of its type.

The resultant H-Eat Collection is both effective and atmospheric, but most importantly with the same exacting standards; allowing people to heat and enjoy their outdoor spaces with no concerns about harming the environment.

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