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Hestia 300 Heat & Grill

Hestia 300 Heat & Grill


Discover the Hestia 300 Heat & Grill, a premium dual-purpose heater-barbecue tailored for those who relish impromptu al-fresco feasting or seek to maximise their outdoor oasis. Crafted to perfection, this appliance caters to your desire for a quick barbecue fix or an increased utilisation of your cherished outdoor space.

With a grill area ideally sized for preparing delectable sausages and burgers for a gathering of 6-8, utilising high-quality charcoal, or employing a pizza stone to create impeccably crisped pizzas within minutes using kiln-dried logs, the options are enticingly versatile.

Featuring an elegant design that seamlessly complements any outdoor aesthetic, it's an invitation to step outside more frequently – whether it's for a morning coffee with the newspaper on a sunlit yet brisk day. Harnessing the acclaimed technology that defines Hestia's award-winning stoves, this heater-barbecue emanates delightful radiant heat, guaranteeing an exceptional culinary encounter.


  • Heater and Barbecue
  • Grill size suitable for catering 6-8 people
  • Perfect for adding a Pizza Stone
  • Integrated baffle directs heat from heating to cooking mode
  • Large internal fire chamber
  • Stainless steel, removable side plates
  • Rope sealed lid
  • Adjustable flue pipe


A well-maintained Hestia 300 guarantees enduring reliability, offering a secure heat source and adaptable cooking options for an extended period. Beyond exceptional performance and environmental standards, the Hestia 300 is backed by a 5-year Guarantee. As with all Hestia products, the collection is meticulously engineered to the highest technical standards using premium-grade materials.


The strategic air supply design leads to significantly reduced smoke production compared to other solid fuel outdoor heating and cooking devices. Through a short flue pipe, the minimal smoke that does arise is directed away from the unit and its surroundings.


Operating akin to a wood-burning stove, the heater employs a single lever to regulate airflow into the chamber, thus determining the heat output. With a glass door facilitating easy refueling, the mesmerizing glow of the flames remains consistently visible.


By adjusting a steel baffle plate within the chamber, transitioning it from an upright position to being situated in front of the glass, heat is redirected upward toward the grill. Crucially, this baffle plate also serves as a shield, safeguarding you from the elevated temperatures within. The combustion technology harnessed from our indoor wood-burning stoves has been ingeniously adapted, affording an unparalleled degree of temperature control tailor-made for barbecues.

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    We offer a five-year guarantee for the bodies of the appliance, and a one-year guarantee on all non-consumable body parts.


    Due to directional air supply, there is significantly less smoke produced than by other solid fuel outdoor heating and cooking products.